Car Accident?

There are more than 200,000 car accidents annually in South Florida. Many people fall victim to negligence from the alleged perpetrators involved in causing accidents, along with the pain and suffering of injuries acquired. New Pain is here to answer any inquire and to put your concerns to rest.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accident?

In the past year there have been 13,294 reported bicycle and Motor accidents that have caused serious injury and  even fatality to 602 of those victims.  The lack of protection and preparatory measures taken to insure the safety of riders has sparked the motivation for new pain to get you the attention you deserve after experiencing negligence from the defendant involved.

Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and Fall accidents can be very severe and are usually unforeseen. The dereliction of the property owner to ensure the safety of clientele provokes our company to fight for you. Let us help you with the stress and pain you’ve obtained and transfer you to extremely knowledgable attorneys who can aid you.

Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrians routinely share the roads with other forms of transport. The negligence of distracted drivers has caused a hindrance to many victims and often caused serious injury. As a trusted company by many, we will do everything we possibly can to insure you get the legal compensation and medical attention you merit.

Workplace Accident?

Workplace accidents put victims in a very intricate position. Causing more than just pain and stress, these kinds of cases more than always involve employer worker compensation insurance, however our attorneys can get you additional compensation for the inconvenience caused by the negligence of your employer. For more information reach out to one of our trusted representatives.

Boating Accident?

Boat accidents are unexpected, tragic incidents. Florida is the number one state on the list of, Most Boat Accidents in the united states in 2015. A reported 581 recreational accidents alone. Although very incommode, our attorneys can help anyone who’s been in a boat accident, whether on a commercial or private vessel.